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Split Pop Eyed Popper Deck Bicycle


A great deck that allows you to accomplish miracles!

The Split Pop Eyed Popper Deck is a "secret weapon" among magicians and mentalists throughout the world!

The Split Pop Eyed Popper Deck can be used for multiple effects and bring something unique and intriguing to your performance. This deck is cut on a diagonal.

One possible effect:
Two spectators are each given half the deck. Not 26 cards each but 52 HALF CARDS! The cards are spread to show they are all different. Each spectator cuts their "half" of the pack ANYWHERE they want and chooses a card. The two halves of the deck are spread again to show the cards they could have chosen. Both spectators turn over their chosen half-card and, magically, they are A PERFECT MATCH!!

Works 100% of the time
No forcing
No sleight of hand
Easy to learn
Easy to perform
Instantly resets
Deck can be shuffled
Deck can be cut

Available in Blue or Red
Please indicate your color preference in the comment section of your order.

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