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World's Greatest Magic - Stand-Up Magic Volume 1


These 3 Stand-Up DVD's are my favorite magic DVD's ever. Osterlind's Bank Night is the best version I've come across. There's not even a close second that I know of. "A Day at the Circus" is a highly entretaining, mystifying feature piece for any stage show, even though you have to buy a commercial set of props that are way overpriced for what they are. Paul Potassy's "Bill in the Potato" is nice because even if you know the Bill in the Lemon, this could still fool you. And the bill is signed. Seabrooke's burnt banknote is a real fooler too, and a comic masterpiece. I have seen Copperfield do this one. I have also seen Copperfield do an effect that is identical to Faulkenstein and Willard's "Gypsy Mystery Rope Escape" in his spirit cabinet routine, which is just a larger version of Faulkenstein and Willard's routine anyway. Petrick ansd Mia's "Linking Silks," but not really a fooler.
Date Added: 12/24/2007 by Kenn Ball
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