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World's Greatest Magic - Card Warp


If you love this trick, you should own this DVD. The only reason I docked it a point is that many of you will already own the Ammar videos. The improvements in the other versions aren't big enough to make a difference to the spectator. That said, there is some neat stuff on here. Warp II features a moment where the magic happens completely in the spectator's hands, leaving them able to examine everything they're holding! Scotty York's patter is hysterical, if a bit risque. Michael Close ends by restoring the torn card in an easy, ultra-clean fashion. In short, if you're obsessed with Card Warp, or for the sake of completing your WGM collection, get this. If you already do at least two versions of Card Warp, and you're happy with them, skip it.
Date Added: 12/11/2007 by Kenn Ball
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