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R. Paul Wilson on the Royal Road to Card Magic 5-DVD Boxed Set


Hi guys,
I got Royal Road for 3 monthes now. I'm a 7-monthe old magician. Doing card magic mainly.

Lets go on for the review:

As you can see in the contents list, all the moves seem to be quite basic. I'll give my personal comments on some of them:

The Overhand Shuffle: I just discovered that I didnt know how to overhand shuffle ! I litterally practiced the shuffle ( YES, the fair shiffle ) for 2 days. how to run one card at time, and how to make several cards fall instead of one. Controlling cards using the shuffle took me another 2 days to practice. after you finished the overhand shuffle section of the dvd 1, you will have TOTAL control over tha cards !

The Glide: A sleight that enable you to switch cards invisibly.

Key Card: NOT a sleight, but away to locate a choosen card. Effects using Key Card in Royal Road are killer. I didnt like them at first, but when I performed them to lay people, I was amazed by the reactions! ( See effects section below ). What I loved, however, that Paul teaches you a method, where you let the spectator put his card ANYWHERE in a fan, and you get the key card below it invisibly.

Hindu Shuffle: The set DOESNT teach you the fair version, it jumps directly to its card control techniques. I loved it! Easy and you can control multiple cards, in order to do a reverse to reveal them!

Reverse: The set will teach you couple of methods, and ALL of them are good. And one of them ... aah .. is Superb!

Color Changes: The set will teach you 3 color changes I never saw before. one of them is a total killer change, where you show them the bottom card in a face up deck, then you remove it to place it on top, and it visually changes as soon as you touch it! I LOVE this!

The Pass: If you want to learn the Pass, DONT learn it from here. Why? because you will learn its basic handling, NOT to make invisible. R. Paul Wilson suggests that you shoud use it while misdirecting someone for now. But as you build up your level and a cardician, THEN do it invisible.
a KILLER effect is tought here, and its NOT in the book. See Effects section.

Top Palm: I'm still fighting to learn this one properly. Paul teaches it very well, but still, I'm having some problems. Of course, you will learn how to do it INVISIBLY when they are burning your hands. Wow, my dream came true!

Double Lifts: Nah .. I didn't like the double lift tought here, I prefer doing Double Lifts from Greg Wilson's DVD Double Take.

Glimpse: Wow! 3 or 4 Glimpses are tought through out the DVD, and a couple more in the Glimpse section. I loved em all!

Forces: ALOT, and I mean ALOT, of forces are tought. From the Classic force ( tought in GREAT detail ) to the cross cut force, going through The OverHand Shffle force, Hindu Force, and and .....etc ( lots of em! ). And you also get 2 forces which are NOT tought in the forces section, but in an effect using Hindu Shuffle.

False Shuffles and Cuts: Only one false cut is tought, a good one though. Some False Shuffles are tought include false Hindu, False Overhand ( Detailed ), False Riffle, and some weird false shuffles ...

Flourishes: Again, MANY of them are covered here. And I dont mean XCM. I mean flourished that can be used in your magic, that just make you look like a card expert, not a juggler! Fans are covered, along with riffle shuffle in the air with waterfall finish. Charlier Cut, Pop up card ... etc ( check Product page for list of contents )

Top & Bottom Changes: I dont use it much. Good methods though.

Platform Card Effects: Paul explains some effects that can be used in stage. One of them is the famous 3 Cards Across, a classic!

one of the main features of the Dvds ( and the book itself ) that it teaches you Effects using the sleight you just learned. This is like a reward for you learning a new sleight!

The effects is done on table, I cant imagine using the effects I learned so far ( I'm in Dvd 2 right now ) in strolling (street) magic.

MOST of the effects tought are anywhere anytime effects. some, which are few, need some setup.

I will review some of the effects, along with some of my performing experiances.

Topsy-Turvy Cards: You cut the deck, and flip the stack over . take the bottom card, wave, snap your fingers and all the deckk is face up like the beginning.
I use this as an opener. VERY simple to do. Good one.

The Three Piles: They cut to 3 piles .. take anyone of them .. memorise a card with its order .. you predict it, usually you are wrong. But you still find it.
An effect using Key Card in a unique way. I didnt like it at first .. but when I tried it to my friends .. I knocked em off!

Thought Stealer: They Choose 5 cards .. think of one .. you return the five in the deck and shuffle .. they tell you the card ... you Spell to it. MUCH stronger! I use this one ALL the time!
This is a killer, a total killer for laymen. End of story.

Observation Test: They choose a card. You show 4 of a kind. Place them one by one of table ( or spectator's hand, on street ). You place them again, and the forth one is gone .. and its the choosen card!!
This effect is another KILLER. I improved the method a bit, and I FRY them. My favorate of all time.

Obliging Aces: A KILLER gambling demonstration. A spectator gives you a number between 10-20 ( e.g 13 ). You deal it. Add the two digits( 1+3=4),deal the forth card, and get an ace!
Repeat it 3 times to get an ace. The last time, you take the top card, deal its value, and BOOM, the final ace.
Dude, I love it. No one play cards with me after I show him/her this one.

Ambitious Card ( ACR ): An ACR, good one with a cool ACR sleight, although hard one to pull off.
Basic ACR, Ending with card in your pocket.

Insidious Dr. Fu Lui Tu: They choose a card and return it. You show a card with forign language letters, which say the name of their card. You name it, and spread the deck, to find that their card is being reversed.
One of my favs! NO FORCE by the way. I use a video game language ( a game called Oblivion .. if you want to know! )

Roy Walton’s Pass at Red: This one is NOT found in the book. Paul got the permission to show it and teach it from Roy. you show your stack, and mark it by putting it between two face up aces in the deck. They choose any 3 cards. Then you take your packet and show the cards all black. the card THEY choose are ALL RED!!
FREELY selected cards! This effect is a KILLER. The BEST use of the pass is here! I never thought of this use of pass before.Wow!

3 Cards Across: They count a packet of 14 ( or any number ) cards. They choose a card, ( e.g 3 of clubs ), snap your finger! and they count thier packet again .. its (14+3) 17 cards!!!!
Ok, this is a GREATEST card effect I came across. This is my Ending effect to a routine I'm making. The method inspired me to make my own method of Strange Travellers I got after Royal Road.

R. Paul Wilson is really a great perfomer and teacher. VERY thorough teaching, and you can learn ALOT on how to present the effect from the way he perfroms them (especially the O.K ones in the first Dvd )

This Dvd set will keep me busy for several monthes.

Price ? 70$ is TOTAL steal for this. you will find many, many sleights and effects in this set as downloads here and there. also, why learning a sleight with an effect one at time from one vidoe and another, while you can learn all the sleights here ?!

Book or DVD set?
The book is only 5$ as Ebook,10$ printed. Getting it with the DVD set will make you learn MUCH, MUCH better, plus enjot what you do!
The set alone will do alone. But I HIGHLY recommend getting the book,too!

Ok guys, Hope this helped you. The Dvds are amazing enough.
Thanks for reading.
~Feras Al-kharboush
Date Added: 10/30/2006 by Feras A. Alkharboush
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