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Easy To Master Card Miracles: Michael Ammar Volume 3 - DVD


just bought this video a couple of weeks ago and I loved it the tricks are great and so is the teaching it is so worth the money and the tricks are easy to learn but not tricks any one can figure out.

the tricks

1. haunted deck- this trick realy impressed me it's the same trick that can be done with loops and the m5 but looks great and is a lot cheaper to make than the others
2.between the palms- a very difrent trick it uses 4 people for this trick you have on card put between one of the spectators hands that knows what it is and then you have three people pick cards one is sighend with name and time then you have all three returned to deck then they are lost in the deck. then 2 cards are found and you remove them form the palms of the guy and show them and the last card is the card that was sighend with the time and it's be in his hands the whole time. sounds confusing I know but very cool.

3.twins (by brother jhon paul) basicly it's a story about the kings and quens but the four card you use keep changing color.

4.tittle bout- good trick but a little hard to explain the spectator is given a envelope and it is stabed into the deck and where he stabed it one card is missing and it's in the envolope. don't use this to much but pretty good.

5. opening stab- one of my favorits in the video. 2 cards are selected then returned to deck then lost in deck. the perfomer takes out a knife and raps the deck in a napkin stabs the deck with a knife the place where he stabs the deck is where the 2 cards are.

6. inch of wine that blows your mind- a card is placed in a wine glass and then coverd brefly by a hankerchife and then it magily changes into a selected card

7.jazz aces- verry cool and very well put together and it's the wone trick where you apear to be doing the same thing over and over again. you put the four aces on the table. then you show for indifrent cards you places one of them on the aces and then put one of the aces into your now 3 cards and then with the wave of the hand the aces is now on the table. very cool trick and fun to do.

8 card in walet- a cool card in walet rutine this is very diffrent from the wone taught in kard klub and I whould higly recomend this trick.

9.color changing deck- wow this trick is to me worth the video it's self . this is by di vernonand is pure gold. you show a blue deck then you have two card selected and put on the table. then you rub them on the deck and it changes color then the other card dose and then the whole deck changes color. It is a lot better then it sounds trust me.

10 zeroxed deck- this is your free gift and it is some thing you can give a way and is so easy to do never tried to use it yet but it looks like it hits hard.

so thats it I whould give the video a 9 out of ten the price is $38.00 I hope you buy and enjoy this video.

ps. the only thing I think I should note is that for one of the tricks you need to know an elmsly count and it's not taught in this volume so this my be a problem for people who don't know this but it's only used in one trick and you can replace it with a nother slight.
Date Added: 07/24/2004 by chris pratt
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