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World's Greatest Magic - The Classic Force


The concept of forcing a playing card – to cause a spectator to choose a specific card while apparently giving him a completely free choice – has seemingly always intrigued magicians and literally hundreds of ways to accomplish this goal have been invented. Ironically, the force technique that seems the fairest is also the most enigmatic. Traditionally called the Classic Force, the procedure leaves the audience member with complete confidence that their selection was random. However, unlike other forces that rely on methodological techniques alone, the Classic Force, to be successful and truly deceptive, also incorporates elements of psychology and precise timing. For these reasons, the Classic Force has been saddled with the reputation of being difficult to learn.

On this DVD, you’ll meet several masters of the Classic Force who each painstakingly dissects the elements of this powerful technique and break it down into easy-to-learn concepts. Daryl begins with the basic elements you’ll need to learn to incorporate the Classic Force into your card work and then discusses advanced techniques, such as utilizing the Classic Force behind your back! R. Paul Wilson adds his wisdom to the discussion, contributing several other important ingredients necessary to a successful and deceptive force. Then, Michael Ammar sits down with legendary trade show performer Eddie Tullock to get to the bottom of what made Tullock’s force, a cornerstone of his repertoire and widely thought to be the best Classic Force ever, so surefire. Finally, Steve Dacri, who also uses the Classic Force in quite a bit of his work, presents an in-depth teach-in and also provides some great information about what to do when the force misses.

The Classic Force is not as difficult to learn as you may think and with the help of the experts you’ll encounter on this DVD, you’ll be classic forcing cards with the best of them in no time!

The Classic Force – Daryl
Classic Force – R. Paul Wilson
Eddie’s Consummate Classic Force – Eddie Tullock and Michael Ammar
Classic Force Demo – Steve Dacri

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