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World's Greatest Magic - Sponge Balls


You’ll find a sponge ball routine in almost every close-up performer’s repertoire and in this volume, you’ll discover a virtual encyclopedia of sponge ball magic. Routines from thirteen of the best sponge ball workers of all time have been collected in one place for the first time, making this DVD the most comprehensive reference work on performing magic with sponge balls ever produced. You’ll learn many unique vanishes, moves and stratagems to build your own routine or to plug into the routine you already do. Sponge Ball Routine
New Sponge & Sleeve
Roger Klause
(courtesy of Meir Yedid Magic)
Sponge Ball Climax
Sponge Ball Routine
Frank Garcia
(courtesy of Murphy's Magic Inc.)
Frank Balzerak
(courtesy of Murphy's Magic Inc)
JT Sponge Ball Routine
Jon Tremaine
Throw in the Sponge
Aldo Colombini
Sponge Balls
Eugene Burger
Commercial Sponge Ball Routine
Mark Leverdige
Benson's Bowl Routine
Johnny Thompson
Martian Sponge Ball Routine
Steve Dacri
Sponge Balls
Albert Goshman
(Courtesy of Magic by Gosh)
Sponge Ball Routine with Watch Steal
Michael Finney

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