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World's Greatest Magic - Ace Assemblies V2


On this DVD, you’ll meet five magicians who each have their own singular take on the Ace Assembly plot. First up is Bill Malone with an Ace assembly that is so clean that it does, indeed, almost look like trick cards are in use. Next, Steve Draun adds an amazingly visual ending to Marlo’s Bluff assembly while Trevor Lewis switches the Aces’ final destination at the last moment for a surprising finish to a fairly easy-to-do routine. John Guastaferro is next with a version where the Aces not only assemble but actually do so in the card case while Martin Nash’s Aces do the same under a spectator’s hand. Finally, Bill Malone returns with a technically-challenging but eye-popping routine where the Aces suddenly – and visibly – appear in the leader packet.

Hugard and Braue, in their classic book, Expert Card Technique, wrote, “Of all the tricks with playing cards, as much thought has been expended on the Four Ace trick as on any other…” and the performers – and performances – you’ll watch and learn from on this DVD are ample evidence why.

Almost Like Trick Cards – Bill Malone
Bluff Aces – Steve Draun
One at a Time Aces – Trevor Lewis
Famous Aces – John Guastaferro
$10,000 Ace Assembly – Martin Nash
Unbelievable Aces – Bill Malone

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