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World's Greatest Magic - Ace Assemblies V1


On this DVD, you’ll meet six magicians who each have their own singular take on the Ace Assembly plot. First up is Bill Malone with an amazing and quite visual version that has a method that will make you smile. Then, Bruce Cervon ups the ante by using Aces with opposite-colored backs while Alex Elmsley causes the Aces to not only assemble but to do so in a spectator’s hand! Dan Harlan is next with a variation that also uses odd-backed Aces in an unbelievably fair sequence that looks like real magic while Simon Aronson provides a graphic demonstration of why you never let anyone touch your Poker hand. Finally, James Swain closes out this volume with a version where a spectator actually chooses the packet into which the Aces assemble.

Hugard and Braue, in their classic book, Expert Card Technique, wrote, “Of all the tricks with playing cards, as much thought has been expended on the Four Ace trick as on any other…” and the performers – and performances – you’ll watch and learn from on this DVD are ample evidence why.

Bluff Ace Assembly – Bill Malone
The Red-Backed Aces – Bruce Cervon
1002nd Aces – Alex Elmsley
Slomoco Aces – Dan Harlan
O’Aronson Aces – Simon Aronson
Psychic Aces – James Swain

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