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Tommy Wonder - British Close-Up Magic Symposium - DVD


The Incomparable Tommy Wonder filmed at the British Close-Up Magic Symposium . . . now on DVD!

Tommy Wonder was one of the world’s finest performers and magical thinkers, and this video captures some of his best close-up work when he presented his lecture at the British Close-Up Magic Symposium.

Tommy performs and then explains in detail the following effects:
Thanks to Paul Harris—Tommy’s handling of the classic Paul Harris single torn and restored card in which the fourth piece appears to restore as well!
Lighter to Matchbox—One of the most visual table-hopping intro tricks. A Bic lighter instantly changes to a box of matches!
The Shrinking Box—Two versions of the shrinking card case. Very practical construction, easy to use.
Ambitious Card Routine—A clean and effective version leading to Card to Box, in which the signed card ends up folded inside a miniature hinged box on the table.
2-Second Card Fold—A detailed exposé of Tommy’s lightning quick three-way card fold.
Squeeze—the brilliant illusion of a full deck being visibly squeezed into a tiny card box.
Deck Switch—Psychologically strong and easy to do.

Tommy also provides advice on performing close-up magic. He shares his thoughts on timing, misdirection,presentation and a whole host of other aspects of the magical art—truly fascinating! $34.95

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