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The Very Best Of Jay Sankey Volume 3 - DVD


The very best of one of close-up magic's very best! It's Jay Sankey like you've never before seen him - filmed live in front of a studio audience with three broadcast-quality cameras. "These are the routines that originally 'put me on the map' in the magic world." - Jay Sankey

This is your chance to watch one of magic's most off-beat entertainers perform thirteen of his "bread & butter" routines for a live audience. And because the effects are presented in groups of two and three rather than individually, this is also a unique opportunity to learn from the overall flow of a live Sankey performance! Sit back, grab a pack of cards, order a pizza and get ready for the time of your life. Welcome to the delightfully magical world of Jay Sankey!

Contents include:

Collect Me Not: A "collector's routine" with an unbelievable ending!

Fiery Reunion: An extremely clean torn and restored match!

Ouch!: A Band-Aid visually appears on a signed card!

Parallel Worlds: Truly, a card trick for the "X-Files."

Fly By Night: Three staples travel from one card to another!

Slipstream: Cards pass through each other like water!

Leaving Home: Jay's very popular key and string routine!

Ship in a Bottle: Bring a drawing on a playing card to LIFE!

Magnet Card: There is no escape from the "magnet card!"

Slick Splits: One of the easiest and most visual coin productions ever!

Mr. Clean Coins Across: The killer "new age" handling that started it all!

Card to Pocket: Jay's been wowing real people with this for over 20 years!

@#X!: Jay's folded card in paperclip is considered to be a modern classic!

Laugh, be amazed, and best of all learn fascinating sleight-of-hand techniques like Vernon's Substitute Transfer, the Revolution Count, the Two-Way Toss, the Erdnase Color Change, the Topper Move, the Tenkai Pinch, the Tent Vanish, the One-Hand Top Palm and the Mercury Card Fold!

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