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The Very Best Of Jay Sankey Volume 2 - DVD


The very best of one of close-up magic's very best! It's Jay Sankey like you've never before seen him - filmed live in front of a studio audience with three broadcast-quality cameras. "Never before have these effects been explained in such detail." - Jay Sankey

If it's eye-popping magic you want, you've come to the right video! Nobody creates sleight-of-hand magic FOR THE EYES like Jay! This video features a power-packed parade of thirteen startlingly visual "magic moments." Not to mention, more than a few big belly laughs! (Oops. We mentioned it!) Watch Jay perform and teach astonishing routines with cards, coins, bills, envelopes, rubber bands, paperclips, pencils and even chopsticks! But we warn you: be prepared to laugh!

Contents include:

Clipped: Super-clean linking paperclip effect!

Unleaded: A pencil, a rubber band and a whole lot of magic!

Mental Breakdown: A mentalist's dream! Bold and utterly baffling!

Sankey's Choice: A self-working demonstration of mind control!

Broken English: The writing on a chopstick changes to match a card!

Three Times Lucky: An insanely direct "three predictions" card routine!

Messiah Vanish: A bare hands vanish that will leave you open-mouthed!

No Jacket Required: Think "open travelers" with COINS!

Traveling Expenses: An ingenious "bill switch" routine!

Greed: Jay's powerful walk-around "bank night" effect!

Please Don't Feed the Cards: Featuring Jay's "pop-up triangle!"

Back in Time: Many pros swear by this version of "triumph!"

Switch Places Aces: A full-length, song-and-dance card routine!

Learn a wild array of fresh techniques, including: the Himber/Sankey Count, the Flying Shuttle, the $100 Bill Switch, the Topper move, the Turnover Pass, and Jay's renowned switch, the Wichita Slip.

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