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The Very Best Of Jay Sankey Volume 1 - DVD


The very best of one of close-up magic's very best! It's Jay Sankey like you've never before seen him - filmed live in front of a studio audience with three broadcast-quality cameras. "I've been making my living with this material for over 15 years." - Jay Sankey

It's all here! The wildly original plots, the ingenious handlings and the off-the-wall presentations. A grand total of thirteen die-hard Sankey classics. Professional, "real world" stuff you can really count on under almost any performing conditions! Audience-tested effects with cards, coins, bills, rings, spoons, matchboxes and more!

Contents include:

Diehard Opener: The opening card effect Jay ALWAYS does for real people!

Twice As Nice: Jay's super visual revamping of a pasteboard classic!

Identifying Features: Killer "in the hands" magic with a borrowed bill!

Forgery: The card routine that spawned an army of variations!

Erdnase Aces: The sneakiest application of the Erdnase color change ever!

Smuggler Aces: A super clean "open travelers!"

Prediction Impossible: As direct a card trick as you can imagine!

Mexican Jumping Coins: A "knuckle buster" worth every once of effort!

Stirring Silver: The ultimate effect with a spoon and borrowed ring!

Nest Egg: This organic "nest of boxes" effect even fools magicians!

Skin Deep: Jay's "pros only" two card transposition routine!

Just Joking: A sandwich effect featuring two outrageously original moves!

Stuck Up: A signed card impossibly appears between two stapled cards!

Learn an astonishing range of innovative killer techniques such as the Illogical Cut, Le Paul's Hop Spread, the Butterfly, the Top Change, the Pointing Transfer, Tenkai Pinch, the Two-for-Three Count, the Erdnase Color Change, the Revolution Count and more!

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