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The Collected Secrets of Lubor Fiedler - DVD


For decades, Lubor Fiedler's name has been associated with some of the most innovative, magical, visual illusions ever created. Now, for the first time, watch the man himself as he demonstrates, and then reveals, the secrets behind some of his most diabolical creations. Lubor Fiedler's magic is so ingenious that the methods are just as magical as the effects themselves. UFO Floating Ashtray - An apparently ordinary ashtray floats in the air and even circles around the performer with no visible means of support.
Flash Vanishing Exploding Card - A playing card, removed from a small suitcase, vanishes visibly at the performer's fingertips in a puff of smoke. The card is found once again within the suitcase.
Vanishing Bank Note - A napkin is crumpled and set inside a wine glass, which is then placed on top of an ordinary banknote. The performer causes the banknote to visibly vanish, only to be found within the crumpled napkin.
Going Back in Time (Turbo Card) - A corner is clearly and cleanly cut from a playing card which is then instantly restored by the performer.
Spooky Glasses - Two stemmed wine glasses, placed on an ordinary sheet of glass, move about with no visible means of locomotion.
Burning Cigarette Between Thumb and Finger - The performer holds a lit cigarette by the ends between his thumb and finger without pain or injury.
Showstopper Card - Though a hole has been burned through a playing card by a lit cigarette, the performer is able to miraculously restore it. A marketed item, this effect was performed on television by Paul Daniels.
Royal Fantasy - Four large court cards transform into spot cards right in the performer's hands.
Topologic Square (Just Chance Rings) - In a wagering game, a spectator is asked to decide which plastic rings are linked or unlinked. The final bet is lost as the final rings visibly transform into a jumbo square.
Fifty-Fifty Colour Labels - Two differently-colored plastic tags with punched holes are placed into an opaque envelope and, thrusting a needle and thread through it, the performer is always able to string the tag the spectator was thinking of. This is repeated with the same result. As a finale, the spectator's choice is found to now be the only tag with a hole; the hole in the other tag has completely vanished!
Blue Box Magic - A selected card vanishes and reappears in a previously-examined clear plastic envelope. To finish, the card visibly vanishes from the envelope, leaving no clue to its disappearance or whereabouts.
Lifetime Cigarette - A lit cigarette continuously restores itself to its new, unlit condition, even when its burning tip is placed into a glass of water.
Brain Bag - A comedy prediction as no matter what letter in the word "brain" a spectator mentally selects, the performer shows that he knew the spectator's thought in advance.
Flying Color Cards (performance only) - A red border visibly jumps from one edge of a jumbo card to another. Liquid Eyes (performance only) - A demonstration of Fiedler's marketed product. Two drops of a black liquid visibly change into what look like pictures of human eyes.
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