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T.A. Waters Miracles of the Mind Volume 2


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Volume 2:

SYNCHROINCIDENCE – Two cards are freely selected by two spectators from two genuinely shuffled decks. In spite of the impossible conditions imposed, they are found to match!

TRIONIC – A step-by-step analysis of T.A. Waters’ pumping technique, together with a description of his Trionic Deck. This is actually a mini-seminar on an often misused, little understood technique. It should also be noted that T.A. Waters fooled well-informed card men with this technique, applying a principle they already knew! Invaluable information, clearly explained.

CUTOUT – A very straightforward method for revealing the thoughts of two spectators.

COUNT FRAME – A frame is shown that depicts a circular, numbered chart on one side and a grid of arcane symbols on the other. A spectator is asked to select a number from the chart which is then used to count to the corresponding symbol on the other side – which happens to match the performer’s prediction that’s been in plain sight the entire time.

QUINDARY – Five tarot cards are selected under test conditions and though the performer genuinely does not know their identities, he is able to divine all five. The original principle revealed here can be applied to many other effects.

GYPSEE – A spectator freely cuts a pack of tarot cards as often as desired but nevertheless, their chosen Card of Fate appears, just as predicted by an old gypsy’s letter.

NEO-PAPER – T.A. Waters’ handling of the famous Newspaper Test allows you to perform this effect anywhere, anytime – and with no advance preparation!

THRINK – A fabulous stage mentalism routine where the performer divines items merely thought of by three spectators – and no one has to leave their seats!

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Mentalism or Mental Magic
Ethics vs. Mentalism

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