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Street Magic Secrets (2 DVD Set)by David Penn - DVD


This double DVD set is the perfect introduction to street magic hosted by award wining magician David Penn.

You will be spellbound as you watch David work his unique style of street magic. With this step-by-step guide to preparation, slight of hand and performance techniques, you'll soon be wowing your friends with an array of mind-blowing tricks.

Disc One:

Instant Lottery, Match Back, Knot a Problem, Telekinetic Note Gone, Find the Lady, Shared Thought, Band Penetration, Match Back II, Mercury Fork Bend, Shock Factor, Turbulence

Disc Two:

The Bet You Can't Loose, Body Clock, Spot the Difference, Summin Up, Influence, Time Travel, Smoke Signals, X-Ray Cards, Psychic Hotline, Dice-in with Destiny, Bling Fling, ESP, Con Roll

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