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Secret Seminars of Magic with Pat Page - Volume 5


Volume 5
Sponge Balls

Just about every close-up magician performs with sponge balls but if you only do one routine with them, you’re missing a tremendous amount of their magic potential. On this video, Patrick Page brings his decades of knowledge and experience to bear on this classic trick, offering a multitude of techniques and routines, including ideas with sponge balls you almost certainly would never have thought of. In short, you haven’t seen sponge ball magic until you’ve seen Patrick Page!

  • Fake TakeVanish #1
  • Vanish #2
  • Finger Pinch Vanish #3
  • Vanish #4
  • Benson Bowl Routine
  • Blow Up / Tips
  • Jump
  • Multi-Ball Production
  • Repeat Ball Production / Color-Changing Sponge
  • Balls from Mouth
  • Color Change with Dye Tube
  • Ball to Silk
  • Patrick Page Professional Routine Explanation for Professional Routine
  • Alternative Finale with Three Balls
  • Afterthoughts
  • Split
  • Impromptu Hold Out
  • From a Purse Frame
  • With a Thumb Tip From a Chop Cup
  • Chop Hat Routine
  • Balls Through Table Under Hat
  • Closing Thoughts

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