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Secret Seminars of Magic with Pat Page - Volume 1


Volume 1

Thumb Tips
In this video, Patrick Page shows why the thumb tip remains one of the magician’s most powerful secret weapons. You’ll learn how to properly use a thumb tip, including how to get it into and out of play. In addition, Patrick Page demonstrates and explains more than a dozen strong effects made possible by this wonderful utility device. This is miracle-class magic with coins, cigarettes, silks, napkins and more, utilizing a gimmick that all magicians own but very few learn to use properly. Of course, not many have had Patrick Page as an instructor!

  • Introduction
  • Pop Your Ear
  • Getting a Thumb Tip
  • Vanishing Silk
  • Steals
  • Transfers
  • Thumb Tip Don’ts
  • A Match Vanish
  • Paper Bag Vanish
  • Salt Trick
  • Diminishing Handkerchief
  • Cigarette Vanish
  • Disposal of the Thumb Tip
  • Cigarette Vanish in Silk
  • Ditching Tip in Breast & Jacket Pockets
  • Big Coin, Little Coin Variation with Sponge Balls
  • Vanishing Coins
  • Silk Purse
  • Bill & Silk
  • Effects with a Purse Frame
  • Torn & Restored Bill
  • Silk Vanish & Production
  • Coin Vanish Afterthoughts
  • Burnt & Restored Napkin
  • Balancing a Card
  • Some Chat About Thumb Tips
  • A COD Handkerchief Vanish

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