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Michael Close - Devious - Volume 2


Set 1 (For Casual Performances)

The Way of the Duck – A fresh presentation for an amazing revelation of two freely selected cards.

The Matching Miracle – An Ed Marlo routine streamlined by Harry Riser.

Harry’s Faro Trick – Harry Riser had forgotten about this amazing card discovery. It was published in M-U-M, but has never appeared on video.

Set 2 (G.C. Extravaganza)

Red See Passover – Michael’s presentation and handling of Simon Aronson’s great effect.

A Handling for Dean and Weber’s A New World – Michael’s approach allows for an effect that no other version can duplicate.

Dancers at the End of Time – A classic from Workers 2. Brother John Hamman’s Underground Transposition takes a side trip through the Twilight Zone.

Set 3 (A Lesson in Routining)

Sideswiped – Another great Simon Aronson effect.

The Bammo Deck Walloper – Michael’s handling of this effect is so good, it fooled Bob Farmer, who (along with Gerald Kirchner) created it.

Set 4 (Magician Foolers)

Vernon Would Have Liked This – A very natural and elegant handling of an Ambitious Card effect.

Bedwell Meets Findley – An unusual combination of moves produces a stunning card control.

The Stewart James Prank – A lesson in how to punk your pals.

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