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Michael Close - Devious - Volume 1


Set 1(From the Houdini Lounge)

The Trick Lance Burton Showed Me – A great version of the six-card repeat that demonstrates what happens when you never stop thinking about a trick.

A Presentation for the Plants Magnetized Cards – A hilarious presentation for one of the great close-up/parlor routines.

The Luckiest Cards in Las Vegas – One of Michael’s favorite routines, and one of the most baffling. This is a true reputation maker.

Set 2(Some Closely Guarded Secrets)

The Dumbest Casino in the World – A logical and deceptive version of The Chicago Opener, with a presentation and method that you’ve never seen before.

The Shuffles Routine – One of the workhorses of Michael’s repertoire, and a routine he has used for more than forty years. Full of laughs and subtle touches.

Set 3(With a Little Extra Work)

Now That’s a Coincidence – An impossible coincidence that gives you a tactical advantage in a very sneaky way.

The Trick that Fooled Houdini…and His Whole Damn Family – Michael has taken in magicians around the world with this little gem. The secret will make you laugh out loud.

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