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Mental Deceptions - Rick Maue Volume 2


Beyond The Witching Hour – A bit of Spirit Communication that also teaches a very useful utility move for the everyday worker who wants to move the hands of a watch.

The Final Picture – Whether on stage, doing close-up, performing a séance, or working impromptu, this is the piece that Rick has performed more than all of his other creations combined.

Animal Instincts – A close-up prediction effect that relies on human instincts.

In The Neighborhood – A simplistic version of “Out of This World”…but it doesn’t use playing cards!

Abstract Extraction (Francis Menotti) – A strange effect that make brainwaves visible to the human eye.

Defining The Difference – A strong bit of mentalism that demonstrates the difference between a magician and a mentalist.

Focus / Sixth Sense Symbols – A three-phase routine that looks and feels like real mind­reading. It appears impossible, because it almost is…unless you know the secret.

The Journey – A stand-up piece that has fooled some of the best minds in mentalism. It’s strong and versatile, and like almost all of Rick’s creations, everything that you need comes from a regular office supply store.

Interviews (with Francis Menotti): The Creative Process; Rules of Mentalism; 3 Rules of Selling.

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