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Mental Deceptions - Rick Maue Volume 1


Heads & Tales – Rick’s opener…but much more than a simple coin toss. This is the way that Rick has set the tone for his stage show for more than a decade.

Group Dynamic – A versatile routine that plays as strong in a living room as is does in a large theater.

Reverse Roulette – Rick’s closer for many years, a Poison Roulette routine with an unusual twist.

The Hole Card – A simple and quick poker-themed piece for platform or stage.

Mixed Emotions – A strong effect that also teaches a powerful way to read minds from across the room without ever having to touch anything!

Body Language – An anytime/anywhere chair routine, and everything that you need fits in your pocket (except for the chairs, of course!)

Focused Thoughts / Dichotomy - A couple of basic card effects that are used to illustrate several versatile, yet simple, techniques.

FATE? – A strong effect involving four audience members and a number of powerful payoffs. One of Rick’s most popular creations.

Interviews (with Francis Menotti): Categorizing Performance Pieces; Process of Method vs. Process of Effect; Tools, Crutches, and Life.

Bonus Feature: Seeds – The Hand-Out Force; The Classic Pass False Cut; Ashes From The Palm.

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