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Malone Meets Marlo - Volume 3


Finding My Assistants — Spectator finds the four Queens just by cutting the deck.
Spectator Cuts the Aces II and More — The spectator finds the four Aces! A few of Marlo’s many versions are explained.
Push-Thru Failure (with Skinner phase) — Another Marlo effect rarely seen these days!
Th ink-Touch-Turn — A card reverses itself several times and surprisingly changes to the selection! Bill’s great presentation for this classic!
Instant Mental Sandwich — A mentally-selected card appears sandwiched between two cards that were placed on the table before the trick even begins! Featuring Marlo’s Visual Retention Switch.
The Deal Switch — Same as the above with an entirely new method! Marlo loved this and performed it many times!
Gambler Outdone — A quick version that tells a story about who’s better with a deck of cards, a gambler or a magician!
A Sixy Trick — An entertaining card trick with a flurry of magic effects!
A Comedy Classic! — Everybody picked the same card—or so they think! A routine you will love to perform!
Eveready Black Routine — An impossible control for those late-night sessions with the boys!
Open Air Assembly — A version of Open Travelers using just the four Aces and nothing more!
Eight-Card Oil and Water — Black and red cards magically separate every time until the magician causes them to magically mix! Bill’s routine using Marlo ideas from throughout the literature.
Refined Oil and Water — A Dave Solomon routine originally published in the book, Sessions.

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