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Malone Meets Marlo - Volume 2


Spectator Cuts and Counts Down to the Aces — Watch this one close! You will use this!
One-Hand Control — Aces are lost and found using only one hand! Bill’s handling of this hidden gem from The Cardician.
One Shuffle Eddie — Eddie at his best! Four Aces instantly reverse themselves throughout the deck with one shuffle!
Super-Clean Ace Assembly — A very convincing Ace assembly.
Casino Countdown — An apparent mistake turns into a hard-to-believe success!
A Twick as Lovely as a Twee — An idea you probably didn’t know was Marlo’s! Don Alan liked it so much, he put it in his act!
Interlaced Vanish — Three selected cards instantly vanish while trapped between the Kings! Marlo’s handling of this great plot by Paul Harris.
Open Prediction — Bill’s favorite of the Marlo methods.
Elevator Passengers / Penetration — Cards travel up and down through the deck like passengers on an elevator!
Touch Turn Poker — Four Aces magically reverse themselves one at a time then suddenly transform into a Royal Flush!
Marlo on the Memorized Deck, Part One — Idea 1
Marlo on the Memorized Deck, Part Two — Idea 2
The Vanishing Card — A selected card instantly vanishes from the deck and ends up under the spectator—she is sitting on it!
Miracle Ace Cutting — This one is impressive card control! An absolute brilliant classic from Mr. Marlo.

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