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Malone Meets Marlo - Volume 1


Bluff Ace Assembly — A true classic! The Aces assemble from various packets in a leader packet even when covered by a spectator’s hand!
The Homing Card — No matter hard the performer tries, he just can’t seem to throw away the one odd card stopping him from doing the trick!
Repeater Card to Pocket — The spectator’s card travels invisibly to your pocket...three times!
A Simple Ace Routine! — Four Aces are lost in a shuffled deck and found in an impossible way! A fun effect anyone can do!
Have another Sandwich / Bluff Sandwich — A visual card transposition performed right before their eyes! Plus: An instant sandwich that will fool even magicians!
One Hand Ace Cutting (with double surprise) / Aces over Kings — Bill’s combination of two wonderful Marlo ideas!
Collectors / Collect Double — Three selections INSTANTLY appear between the four Kings! Learn two methods for this astounding effect!
A Startling Climax — Using super-sensitive fingertips and a little magic, a spectator’s card changes to another spectator’s card without leaving your sight! You won’t believe it!
A Devilish Miracle — One of Marlo’s all-time favorite creations!
Bluff Call to Colors — The cards rearrange themselves every time you deal! Marlo’s method of Bill Simon’s Call to Colors!

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