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Eddie Tullock The Real Truth About Trade Show Magic - DVD


Learn the real work on trade show magic from the legendary figure who literally invented the concept - Eddie Tullock. Eddie has stopped traffic in trade show aisles for more than four decades with nothing more than a deck of cards and some powerful techniques. You'll learn the strong effects he uses to hold audiences spellbound and you'll learn how to weave a client's sales message into your magic - and that's the real name of the game! Then, after the magic, Eddie sits down with guest host Michael Ammar to discuss just about everything you need to know about how to get into the demanding but lucrative world of trade show magic. $39.95 DVD (VHS and PAL still available, $59.95)

Performance #1
Think of a Card, Timely Card to Wallet
Performance #2
Name a Card, Slop Shuffle Deluxe
Performance #3
Busted Transpo
Performance #4
A Change in Hand, Blackjack
Performance #5
Stop It Now, A Psychological Trick
Performance #6
The Four and a Half Trick
Explanation #1
Think of a Card, Timely Card to Wallet
Explanation #2
Name a Card, Eddie's Consummate Classic Force, Eddie's Technical Top Change, Slop Shuffle Deluxe
Explanation #3
Eddie's Easy Control, Eddie's Double Lift, Busted Transpo, Double Lift Switch
Explanation #4
Blackjack, Eddie's Breakthrough Shuffle
Explanation #5
A Psychological Trick
Explanation #6
The Four and a Half Trick

Finding the Decision Maker
Marketing as Entertainment / Magician as Salesman
Turning the Crowd
Clarifying the Sales Message
Framing Your Pitch
How to Know When You're Ready / Logistics of Trade Show Work
Developing a Repertoire / Audience Management
Gathering a Crowd
Fee Structures
Safety Tips
The Performing Area
Training Your Voice
Client Loyalty
How to Dress / Business Cards
Magic - Perfect for Trade Shows

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