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Easy To Master Mental Miracles - Richard Osterlind Volume 4



ACIDUS PLUS (Mann): This is one of Al Mann’s finest creations. Nothing but an index card is used to read the spectator’s mind three times! You will marvel at the incredible, fair-looking method.
MAGAZINE TEST (Annemann): You will be able to read the minds of your audience in a straightforward way with the simple preparation in this test. You can name pictures, words and even whole lines with this method!
PATEO FORCE (Classic): The mentalist makes a prediction. Spectators place objects on the table and all but one are eliminated. The prediction is shown and it matches! This wonderful principle can be used in many different ways.
PSEUDO PSYCHOMETRY (Annemann): Members of the audience seal personal objects in envelopes. The mentalist gives a reading for each spectator and returns each object to the proper person. Many consider this to be the greatest effect in mentalism! Osterlind demonstrates the original method with a wonderful update.
PREDICT-TAC-TOE (Gardner/Thompson/Osterlind): This wonderful routine allows the mentalist to predict the outcome of a game of tic-tac-toe. Osterlind’s ending will delight you!
SYNONYMENTAL (Mellon): Twenty-one cards are shown to each have a different object on them. Spectators place objects on three cards. These cards are shown to name those very objects!
ORIGINAL CENTER TEAR (Corinda): Osterlind demonstrates how the original center tear method is still a very viable tool. A very clever idea will enable you to do this anywhere!
VIEWED ESP PREDICTION (Osterlind): Osterlind’s own ESP card effect where the spectators can see the assistant matching the mentalist’s prediction as it is being fulfilled! Nothing is required but a normal deck of ESP cards.
SPOON BENDING (Harris): A classic method of bending a spoon that can be performed while your hands are being burned! You will use this all the time.
KEY BENDING (Classic): Bend keys just like Uri Geller with this easy and sure-fire method!
PHANTOM ARTIST (Annemann): One of Theo Annemann’s forgotten miracles! A spectator freely chooses the name of a president. The mentalist cuts out a perfect silhouette of the chosen president!

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