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Easy To Master Mental Miracles - Richard Osterlind Volume 1



SWAMI OPENER (Corinda): The performer enters holding a business card. A spectator calls out a two-digit number. That number is predicted on the business card! This is a perfect opener guaranteed to catch the attention of the audience.
MAGIC VS. MINDREADING (Annemann): The performer causes a deck of cards to spell to a mentally chosen card, then shows a remarkable coincidence with a second deck and finally shows the card was actually predicted long before the show!
A QUESTION AND THE ANSWER (Annemann): One of Theo Annemann’s greatest routines! The mentalist answers a secret question in the most direct manner possible! This is a monster effect using only a pencil and a few pieces of paper!
EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTION (Annemann): You can duplicate chosen designs in the fairest possible way using this classic method! Make this up in just half an hour!
A WORD IN THOUSANDS (Koran): A spectator chooses any word from any page in a huge book. Without any pumping, the mentalist reveals the chosen word on the back of a blackboard! This mind-boggling effect is fully explained along with complete directions for the construction of the apparatus!
EL NUMERO (Bergson): Using a few index cards and an envelope, the mentalist causes a spectator to choose the very number he has predicted on the back of the envelope. This is direct, simple and awesome - the fairest version of this effect yet!
SYD BERGSON CENTER READ (Bergson): This utility technique will enable you to gain any information written on an index card without any tearing or burning. Osterlind’s touches make this a masterpiece!
TELEPHONE DIRECTORY (Tong): Anyone freely chooses a page in a legitimate telephone directory. The mentalist reads his mind and writes down the telephone number the person is thinking of! This is clean, clear and direct!
SEVEN KEYS TO BALDPATE (Annemann): This is the original (and best!) version of the classic effect. Only one key out of seven opens a lock. Audience members freely choose the keys and the mentalist determines who has the right key! Both the lock and keys are legitimate!
MARKED THOUGHT (Mason): The mentalist causes a spectator to find the only matching pairs of ESP symbols while they are face down. This method allows for a completely free choice and an ordinary deck of ESP cards!

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