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David Roth on DVD! The Ultimate Coin Magic Collection Volume 4


The greatest collection of coin magic ever assembled on DVD! In this volume, David Roth performs and teaches wonderful coin magic suitable for performance in a dinner setting using props one might find on a typical restaurant or dining room table. Also, David teaches elegant coin flourishes for all skill levels, followed by a number of stunts and wagers with coins that are guaranteed to fool your friends.

Coins Through Table #1—A classic of magic! Four coins travel one at a time right through a solid tabletop.
Coins Through Table #2—In this version, four coins penetrate the tabletop at the same time. A startling visual illusion.
Coins To Cup—Coins travel one at a time from the performer’s hand to a coffee mug held in the other hand.
Coin & Glass Through Table—The classic with a Roth twist. A coin is covered by a napkin-wrapped glass as the performer attempts to make the coin pass through the table. However, the glass penetrates the tabletop, taking the coin with it.
Weeping Coin—The performer squeezes water out of a solid silver coin and immediately hands it out for examination. David includes a nice Michael Skinner finesse that makes this even more magical.
Napkin Ring Coin Vanish—A seldom-seem, baffling coin vanish right from the repertoire of T. Nelson Downs.
Dime In Sugar Packet—a borrowed dime vanishes, only to be found sealed in a sugar packet that was in plain sight all the time. A reputation maker!
Cold Coin—The performer changes an exotic coin into an American half-dollar, claiming that it changed places with a coin in Tibet. To prove the claim, the coin is dropped into a spectator’s hand and is discovered to be ice cold! A tactile coin effect that your audiences will never forget.
Napkin Coin Vanish—A clean and simple vanish of a coin that has withstood the test of time.
Chanin’s Coin Production—The performer produces a continuous stream of half-dollars from a napkin, ending with the production of a giant coin. A delightful routine that’s surprisingly easy to do!
Vanishing Dime In Shot Glass (performance only)—A dime vanishes from underneath an overturned shot glass and reappears inside in a most mysterious way.
Free & Unlimited Coinage Of Silver—Coins, coins everywhere! The performer discovers a continuous supply of half-dollars under various articles—salt and pepper shakers, plates, glasses, etc.
Vanishing Coin In Water Glass—A classic that still stuns audiences! A coin held under a handkerchief is dropped into a glass of water by a spectator...and vanishes without a trace!

Coin Flourishes
The Coin Roll
The Flip-Over Flourish
The Coin Roll-Down
The Swivel Pivot
The Elbow Catch
The Elbow Catch Vanish
The Coin Star (two versions)
Stunts & Wagers
Dime For Every Quarter
Squeeze Play
Coins In Glass
Match On Nickel
Coin On Plate
Coin Hitting Plate
Coin Cross
Coin Triangle
Holding Change
Quarter On Edge
Calling Heads Or Tails

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