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Children's Magic - The Herbert Way! - Terry Herbert DVD


Performing children's magic isn't kid's stuff!

Doing a magic show for kids isn't easy! However, in the right hands, it's a highly rewarding and lucrative market with a bottomless client base that can potentially keep your booking calendar filled all year round. The problem comes when you wish to set yourself apart from others in your market who are all doing the same tricks with the same canned patter.

Terry Herbert is one of the world's best children's entertainers and on this video, you'll see why. Terry does his complete show in a real-world situation in front of one of the world's toughest audiences-a group of children-and weaves a magical spell that keeps them all engaged, amazed, laughing and thoroughly entertained.

Then, Terry takes you behind the scenes and shares much more than just how the tricks work-he discloses the real secrets of how to truly entertain children. The children obviously love Terry and his magic (and you will, too!)-and after the show, he'll explain why.

This is solid-gold information that can transform you from just another cookie-cutter kid show performer into a real children's entertainer-and your show from a standard kid's magic show into one your young audiences will never forget. $34.95 (DVD only)

Wanderful Banana Trick
Silver Sceptre
Rabbit in the House
A Present For My Mum
The Shoelace That Broke
Vanishing Wand
Vanishing Silk
Color-Changing Silk
Mis-Made Flag
Horace the Rabbit
Magic Wishing Box
Pop-Up Rabbit Production
What Makes Children Laugh
Why the Banana Trick is Funny
Bits with Silver Sceptre
Bits with A Present for My Mum
Magic Shoelace Explanation
Vanishing Wand Explanation
Vanishing Silk Explanation
Mis-Made Flag Explanation
Breaking Up the Magic
Wishing Box Explanation
Pop-Up Rabbit Production

Children's Magic - The Herbert Way! - Terry Herbert DVD
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