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Bloomeries(2 DVD Set) by Gaetan Bloom - DVD


Gaetan Bloom's world opens just for us! FOUR hours of magic, twenty towers, jewels, nuggets ... From the magic to make your directory very quickly. If hard-hitting, so sharp, so simple: we speak of brain Bloom, of course! THREE programs in 1996 finally remastered two-disc DVD box set:

The Wire Indirect: The Awakening The Bottle The Buttons Travers Table 5 Items The Map balancing + Bonus (Sponge Balls, Little Figurine, Interview)

The Thumb: The Who Scarf Color Change The Scarf Transformed Egg Buttons Ears The scarf in the Roll The Keyring + Bonus (Small Tips)

Magic General: The De La Bouteille Game Freer Rope Snake Polaroid The Bicycle pumps

+ New Bonus Edition DVD for The + New Tour : Fishing In The Line + Interview A. and D. Duvivier Not to be missed!

Running Time: Approximately 3hr 55mins

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