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Signature Magicians” Volume One: ALEX ELMSLEY (2 Discs)


Everyone who shuffles a deck of cards knows the name of Alex Elmsley.

A brilliant, original creater of magic methods, routines and presentations that filled the two volumes and 1000 pages of his definitive books "The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley".

There have been few books of this importance by a British magician in the last half century.

On the Lecture DVD you will see the application of his original thinking in Eight Effects and some unique moves.

Effects include:
Power Poker -- A spectator chooses his own poker hand but the performer always wins
Ten Plus -- A version of the classic Ten Card Trick
Colour Filter-- A clever cards through handkerchief effect
Oyster Shells -- An entertaining 'marked cards' routine
No-Calc -- mathematical card location which involves no calculation!

On the Workshop DVD:
You are given the opportunity to experience many Elmsley subtleties and his thoughts, a variety of sleights.
There are demonstrations of his famed Christiands to Lions, and Twisters Flush routines that drew acclaim from Vernon, Marlo and other giants of the pasteboard's.

This two volume set will hold a special place in your magic library and one that you will return to again and again.

“It is not often that one is privileged to sit in on a session with one of the true greats of magic. You are invited to spend over 90 minutes with a man whose work has been revered for fifty years all over the world and acclaimed by the elite of the art…..Vernon, Marlo, and scores of others…….

“ A Moving Experience……….truly inspirational”……… Rex Stott

“Signature Magician’s” is a valuable resource series of DVD’s

Two Disc Set
Workshop: 53minutes
Lecture: 95 minutes

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