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Guy Bavli's Inter-Netbag


The most unbelievable see-through net bag ever conceived.

Imagine you give a spectator a newspaper. He himself tears the complete newspaper into small pieces.
He himself puts the torn pieces into the empty see-through net bag. He himself mixes up all the pieces. He himself chooses one single piece of torn newspaper and chooses a word or line from it. You, the magician, can reveal exactly what is written on this small piece of torn newspaper!! This is just one stunning effect you can do with this unbelievable Inter-Netbag.
The Inter-Netbag is absolutely see-through, yet it will help you force nearly any item you wish. From playing cards to keysàfrom small balls to paper notesàfrom newspaper ads to coinsàfrom buttons to beads. The bag is empty from the start, it takes up hardly any room at all, and you can use it twice in one show with two different objects.
Resets in seconds and is easy to perform. No sleights. Comes complete with full book instructions and routines from the creative mind of Guy Bavli.

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