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Harry Lorayne's Apocalypse - Volumes 6 - 10


In this volume alone there are over 285 card and over 100 coin effects, routines, ideas, and over 100 more effects: gambling demonstrations, bill tricks, rope tricks, ring tricks, matchbox/matchbook tricks, business card tricks, dice tricks, mental tricks, silk tricks, cups and balls, sponge balls, cigarettes, canes, pencils, thimbles, chains, keys, glasses, salt, rubber bands, and more. (Most of them easy to do!) Plus Harry Lorayne's Lorayne Storms, Editorials, Ellipses ( . . . ) and Out To Lunch Columns.

The card items include: Incredible Table Change, Harreverse, No Hands Smyth's Myth, Really Wild Jokers, Serendipity, Tidal Wave, Clipped Again, Flushed Collectors, The Leeds Miracle, Order Restored, Cased-Deck Penetration, Double "Pancake" Revelation,

Oil and Water Supreme, Perfect Penetration, Quick Warp, Wilder Cards, Can't Be Done, Count of Mountie Crystal, Perfect Reset Reset, The World's Best Two-Card Trick, Blown Away, Not By Sight, The Sting, Three-Second Wonder, The Ultimate Move, Will The Cards Match, Variations And Additions, and on and on.

The coin items include: Barehand Spellbound, Flash Coins, Hoo Dunnit?, Matrix Surprise, Way-Ahead Coin Assembly, Clearly Impossible, Pursonality, Coins Across Again, Twist On Winged Silver, Penetrating Transposition, Flip-Side Up, A Pinch Of Salt, Ultra C/S Transposition, The French Flop, Money Is Time, Quick Silver, Another Tenkai, Empty Handed, Masquerade, It's A Kick, Split Secoined, and on and on.

Items by numerous contributors, including: Ed Marlo, Doug Edwards, J.K. Hartman, Ken Krenzel, David Regal, Michael Ammar, Larry Becker, Mike Bornstein, Tom Craven, Paul Cummins, Gerald Deutsch, Dan Garrett, Phil Goldstein, Peter Marshall, Larry Jennings, Sid Lorraine, Bob McAllister, Jeff McBride, Jay Marshall, Sol Stone, Juan Tamariz, Eddy Taytelbaum, Richard Vollmer, Meir Yedid, Ascanio, Jeff Altman, Magic Christian, Justin Higham, John Hope, Bob King, Martin Nash, David Ben, Bernard Bilis, Jack Carpenter, Karrell Fox, Tom Mullica, Ton Onosaka, Jim Swain, Shigeo Takagi, Gaetan Bloom, Scotty York, Eric DeCamps, Steve Draun, Gary Ouellet, Mark Sicher, Randy Wakeman, and on and on, and Harry Lorayne!

Are you getting your money's worth? ARE YOU EVER!! 720 jam-packed pages - plus 20 pages of indexes. Over 285 card effects, over 100 coin effects, over 100 other items, plus articles and editorials! Full Color, Hardcover Binding, 744 acid-free pages.

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