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Art of Astonishment Books - Volume 2 Paul Harris


Highlights - Counterfeit Spectator, On a borrowed dollar bill, the printed signature of the treasurer of the United States transforms into the spectator's name; Swiss Movement, An ingenious P.H. discovery enables you to mysteriously animate an ungimmicked Swiss Army Knife. Completely impromptu, works with any Swiss Army Knife ... anytime; Cincinnati Two-Faced Blues, Two of those pesky advertising cards that clutter up your deck are accidentally selected ... and then transformed into an impossible object that was secretly already there; Fizz-Master, Cause the carbonation to travel magically from one soda to another. Absolutely killer ... completely impromptu.; McGimmick, You levitate a milkshake using only your finger ... then you completely vanish the milkshake leaving only its crumpled container.; Osmosis, European genius, Sylvain Miroug's four-phase Linking Card masterpiece using just two single cards! An incredible new principle. Is it better that Immaculate Connection or Cardboard Connection? All three are in this book, so you can decide for yourself!

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