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A Pasteboard Odyssey


This new book contains 31 routines and 29 new (vastly improved) moves that almost anyone can do! Contributors include Ed Marlo, Don England, Wes Schield, Harrison Kaplan, and Phil Hannes. Selected highlights include - Super Ripcard, A torn and fully restored, examinable signed card; Bounce-No-Bounce Ball Switch, This trick fooled Daryl!; Punch Meets His Match, This trick brought the following response from a spectator in St. Louis, "No Way!"; A Fisting Fix, This trick caused Daryl to ask, "Gaffs, right?" Wrong!; Coma, A card eerily floats!; Subtleties for the Tent Vanish that will fool magicians; Lapping without lapping!; Inverted Submersion, A signed card appears in a clear glass container filled with water! And dozens more! 130 pages with 97 photographs.

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